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See the Snap Fitness difference for yourself! We invite you to try our gym for free before joining. Complete the form and our club manager will contact you to organize your visit.

來親身感受Snap Fitness 與別不同之處!我們誠意邀請您,加入成為 Snap Fitness 會員之前,親身來訪免費體驗。填寫以下表格,分店經理將與您聯絡並為您好好安排。

Terms & Conditions 條款及細則:

Valid only for residents with HKID cards on first visit at the participated Snap Fitness club. Not valid for current or former members. Limit one pass per person per household. No cash value. Access card fee, other fees and some restrictions may apply. ※ 此推廣僅限香港身份證持有人首次到訪Snap Fitness 指定分店時使用。不適用於現時/曾經為本健身室之會員。每人每地址僅限索取免費試玩一次。推廣優惠不可轉換和/或兌換現金或任何其他物品。門匙卡費用或其他可能產生的費用等,須受有關條款及細則約束。

By completing this form, you are providing us consent to contact you. We take privacy very seriously and we will not share your information with any third parties. You can opt-out of future communications from us at any stage. View our Privacy Policy here. ※ 通過提交此表格,即表示您同意我們與您聯繫。我們非常重視個人私隱,我們不會與任何第三方分享您提交的聯絡資料。您可以在任何階段退訂我們將來發送的最新服務資訊。請到此查看我們的私隱政策

Snap Fitness

Your Local 24/7 Gym in

Looking to get started on your health & fitness goals? Our friendly staff at Snap Fitness are here to help! Contact us today for more information about our services or membership options.

Why Snap Fitness

為何選擇 Snap Fitness

Get Fitter, Faster with Snap Fitness! We offer 24/7 access, the best in strength and cardio equipment, functional and personal training, & more. 更快、更易、更健康,就在Snap Fitness!全線全天候24小時開放,設有專業的重量訓練設備與帶氧運動器材、功能訓練區和私人教練指導等。


Stay stronger and fitter with the varied strength training options at Snap Fitness and improve your overall health.

靈活運用Snap Fitness 健身室內的各種力量訓練器材,助您鍛煉出更強壯與健美的線條,並改善您的整體健康。

Cardio 帶氧運動

Run, row, or ride! We have high-quality cardio machines so you can get the most out of your workout.


Functional 功能訓練

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our functional training zones can help you get to the next level.


Get Real Results


• 24/7 Global Access: Train Day or Night! | 24小時全線通行,保持有規律地鍛鍊,日夜無阻!

• Free Weights, Cardio, and Functional Training Zones | 專業的重量訓練區、帶氧運動區、功能訓練區

• Free & Unlimited Group Classes | 無限免費小組訓練堂

• Flexible Memberships Options | 彈性會籍選項

• MyZoneTM Heart Rate and Result Monitoring | 採用MyZoneTM心率系統,更準確追蹤運動成果

Work out in Safety


At Snap Fitness, your health and safety is our number one priority. Recently we have made some changes to ensure we deliver you the cleanest safest environment to workout in.

在Snap Fitness,您的健康和安全是我們至為重視的首要事項。近日,我們檢視了健身室內的環境安全措施並進行了更新,以確保我們為您帶來潔淨、安全的健身空間。

Community Focused


Snap Fitness is more than a Gym, it’s a community club. Our gyms are owned and operated by franchisees who care about improving the health and fitness of their local community.

Snap Fitness 不單只是一間健身室, 它亦是一個地區俱樂部。我們的健身室均由著力改善不同地區健身環境的專營商擁有及營運。

My Snap Story

Everybody has their own journey. At Snap Fitness we want you to be the best version of yourself. Join thousands of other Snap Fitness members and get real results.

每個人都有自己的旅程。在Snap Fitness,我們希望您能成為您最滿意的自己。加入Snap Fitness成為會員,與其他會員並肩鍛煉,向健身目標邁進,取得訓練成果。

“I joined the Snap Fitness Gym and it just turned into a whole new life. I’ve lost 55kgs since starting my health and fitness journey a year ago and I’ve become the best version of myself.

我加入了Snap Fitness健身室,它為我的生活帶來了新模式。我在一年前開始檢視自己的健康狀況,並制訂了相對的健身計劃和目標,在一年內減掉了55公斤。現在的我,是我見過最好的自己。”


“When you train with people who have similar interests and similar commitments to you that’s where you get the best results. I’ve lost nearly 20 kilos and it’s changed my life.



“I work out at Snap Fitness about four times a week and I try and improve my health and fitness. I went from about 75 kilos to 52 kilos and I now feel so much more confident.

我每星期在 Snap Fitness 大約健身四次,並努力改善我的健康和體態。我的體重由大約75公斤下降至現時52公斤,我現在感到更加自信。”

Dr Alice

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